Pointless Button

No Point Rule #2


I’ve written about the no-point rule before, showing how it can be successfully applied in situations where there is a high danger of losing a lot of chips even though the player may have the best hand. Recently, I encountered … Continued

Poker Tells & Facial Expressions

Beginner Poker Tells


The game of poker allows you to use a lot of strategies in order to defeat your opponents. You should use their weak points because this is the easiest way to beat them. If you are beginner poker player, you … Continued

How to Bluff

Bluffing Without a Cause


Online poker, particularly Texas Holdem, has become a cultural stronghold all over the country and many parts of the world. With the help of the Internet and countless enterprising offshore poker sites, wagers are no longer being made by the … Continued

Extracting Value in Poker

Representing a Bluff


“Okay, now pay up Dean. I don’t know why you would call that much with bottom pair anyhow!” All of us were laughing at him. Dean had made a big mistake, he called $300 in a $200 pot with just … Continued