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So, is online gambling legal or what? This depends on your jurisdiction, but many countries across the world allow their citizens to gamble online. In the United States, the legality of gambling is in a gray area that is yet to be defined. The Justice Department takes the stance that all online gambling is illegal, while the courts say only sports betting is illegal. However, beyond sports betting it is legal for Americans to gamble online. This is because the online gambling sites are not based in the U.S. If they were, then it would be illegal. That is only at the federal level though. Individual states are also allowed to make their own ruling, and some have chosen to outlaw online gambling. For the most part though, online gambling is perfectly legal in the United States, except for betting on sports.

In 2001, Australia made it illegal for gambling sites to offer their services to people who are physically present in Australia. This is an interesting way to outlaw online gambling and has proven fairly ineffectual so far, causing rumors of impending amendments designed to strengthen the law.

It is best to check your local jurisdiction’s laws to find out whether gambling online is illegal where you are. It is legal to gamble online in most of the United States, the notable exceptions being Louisiana and Washington.

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