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Pot limit is probably the most interesting form of Texas Holdem poker. This is because the strategy for pot limit Texas Holdem is so different from the other forms.

Players need to keep a much closer eye on the pot size so they can know how much to bet. The game also requires better timing, as raising anytime is not a wise option. It is very important to know when to raise, or more importantly, reraise. Reraising is much more vital part of pot limit Holdem, as initial raises can’t get too large thanks to the pot limit rules. It is the act of reraising that puts the pressure on opponents and makes hands too expensive to play.

In its own way, pot limit Holdem is the most artistic form of Texas Holdem, and high stakes games require their players to have even more nerve.

High stakes pot limit Holdem games can be much more challenging than either fixed limit or no limit high stakes games. This is because you can’t stick to the tight solid play that is essential to fixed limit holdem, and you have to work to apply pressure more than in no limit Holdem, where if you want to apply pressure, you can just raise your whole stack, even if that isn’t the smartest of plays. High stakes pot limit games require more finesse and deliberation than any other type of Holdem.

We’ve investigated many different poker rooms to find out which ones are the best for playing pot limit Holdem. Here are he top 3 poker rooms that our search revealed.

Full Tilt Poker

For the best PL Texas Holdem games, go to Full Tilt Poker. They treat their players to a fantastic [sniplet full-tilt-poker-bonus-amount] bonus, have excellent software, a strong financial backing, and a decent amount of action, especially in the pot limit Texas Holdem sit n go games.


Another great choice for pot limit Texas Holdem games is to play at Pokerstars. Pokerstars has more pot limit Texas Holdem traffic than anybody else, and the software they use is incredible, allowing players to play as many as 16 tables at once! If you’re into making serious money playing pot limit Texas Holdem online, then is where you should be.

OnGame Poker Network

The OnGame Poker Network, which consists of Hollywood Poker, Euro Poker, and the very well known PokerRoom, is a great place for Pot Limit Holdem. These poker rooms have stakes of $50/$50. The quality of games depends on the number and types of players, so is the best of the best. It has the most players of any of the OnGame poker rooms, and the high stakes it offers makes it irresistible to dedicated pot limit Holdem players.

Party Poker

PartyPoker has high pot limit Holdem stakes of $10/$20. With Party Poker being one of the most popular poker rooms in the world, you know that you will always be able to find a good game here. Also with Party Poker beginning to offer its software for Macs, you can expect to find even more players and their money available for you. Party Poker is one of the best, and is continually finding new ways to prove it.

Titan Poker

Titan Poker offers high stakes of $5/$10 for pot limit Holdem. Titan Poker is a very good looking site that is very professional and offers lots of special offers. There are a decent number of players at Titan Poker, so you should be able to find some good high stakes games running. You also might find yourself playing against the same opponents at Titan Poker, so you could know how they play, and they could know how you play.

Final Word on High Stakes Holdem

Remember that high stakes gaming is not for everyone. You should never risk more than you can afford. We don’t want to see anyone ruin their lives by playing poker.