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High stakes poker sites are not for the fearful. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can be won or lost in a single poker hand, usually being commented on by railbirds in the chat box. Multiple high stakes poker rooms exist to accommodate those who dare to wager so much. We’ve listed them here, with our favorites at the top.

High Stakes Online Poker Sites

High Stakes Poker Site Rating Maximum Bonus Sign Up
1. Full Tilt Poker High Stakes Full Tilt Poker
Full Tilt Poker Referral Code
Full Tilt Poker Accepts US Poker Players [sniplet full-tilt-poker-rating] [sniplet full-tilt-poker-bonus-amount] Full Tilt Poker has Mac poker softwareFull Tilt Poker has Windows poker software Play Now
2. Pokerstars High Stakes PokerStars
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PokerStars Accepts US Poker Players [sniplet pokerstars-rating] [sniplet pokerstars-bonus-amount] Pokerstars has Mac poker softwarePokerstars has Windows poker software Play Now
3. Party Poker High Stakes Party Poker
Party Poker Bonus Code
Party Poker Refuses US Poker Players [sniplet party-poker-rating] [sniplet party-poker-bonus-amount] Party Poker has Mac poker softwareParty Poker has Windows poker softwareParty Poker has Linux poker software Play Now
4. Titan Poker High Stakes Titan Poker
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Titan Poker Refuses US Poker Players [sniplet titan-poker-rating] [sniplet titan-poker-bonus-amount] Titan Poker has Windows poker software Play Now
5. Ultimate Bet High Stakes Ultimate Bet
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Ultimate Bet Accepts US Poker Players [sniplet ultimate-bet-rating] [sniplet ultimate-bet-bonus-amount] Ultimate Bet has Windows poker software Play Now

Full Tilt Poker High Stakes

FullTilt Poker is the place for anybody interested in high stakes online poker. Full Tilt has a very large player base compared to others, and there are usually more high stakes poker games going on here than regular games. Players enjoy poker games with stakes in the range of $0.05/$0.10 to their famous $5000 max buy-in no-limit Texas Holdem games.

PokerStars High Stakes

PokerStars has produced many legendary high stakes online poker players, including Chris MoneyMaker and Greg Raymer, among others. Their high stakes online poker games cap out at a $2000 buy-in ($10/$20 blinds). I’ve also seen multi-table tournaments with as high as $530 for the buy-in, but the average sit n go or multi-table tournament is a $200 buy-in.

Ultimate Bet High Stakes

Ultimate Bet provides poker games ranging from $0.01/$0.02 all the way up to their infamous $10,000 no-limit high stakes poker games. Not only do they have high stakes no-limit Texas Holdem, they have incredibly high stakes sit n go tournaments as well. It’s not unusual to see a $5000 sit n go tournament going on at

Party Poker High Stakes

Party Poker has high stakes games going on around the clock. Even though these games have a $2000 max buy-in ($10/$20 blinds), it’s fairly easy to find a game and join in on the fun. also hosts high stakes multi-table tournaments too. Their sit n go tournaments range from $1000 to $5 buy-in.