Party Poker Introduces Mac Compatible Poker Software


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After years of waiting, PartyPoker has quietly released a Mac compatible version of their proprietary software. The new software is still in BETA stages, and has the usual BETA bugs, but it allows Linux and fans of Mac Poker to join the thriving PartyPoker community.

Mac Poker readers have awaited this opportunity for what seems like an eternity. One of our readers stated “I can now honestly admit that I have no need for Windows.” We completely agree with this statement, but we’d also like to add that users of Mac OS now have no need for a PC emulator or Apple’s new Boot Camp software.

Mac and Linux poker players can join a Party Poker game by simply going to and clicking on the over-sized button. You can get a 120% up to $200 bonus by using our link and entering the PartyPoker bonus code.

Operating System Internet Browser Java Version
Party Poker for Microsoft Windows Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP Windows Internet Explorer 5.0+ Microsoft JVM
Party Poker for Mac Mac Mozilla Firefox 1.0+ Sun JRE 1.4 or 1.5
Party Poker for Linux Linux Safari 1.3+

So as you can see, Party Poker has cleverly made its software compatible with all major operating systems, allowing new poker players to login and play from anywhere that they can get internet access from. If you want to learn more, I suggest you read our review of PartyPoker.

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