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Online gambling is over a $10 billion industry (that’s $10,000,000,000.00) and represents one of the Internet’s fastest growing business segments. This poker affiliate programs list has links to in-depth reviews of each operator, and will assist you in finding the best online poker affiliate programs for you to promote on your own website.

As an online poker affiliate, you are in a unique position to share profits made from online poker, and make a tremendous amount of money by partnering with some of the Internet’s most profitable and successful iGaming companies in the world.

Poker Affiliate Programs List

888 Affiliate Program

The 888 affiliate program has always been my favorite. You can see that I have the 888 brands plastered all over this website and it’s for very good reasons. Their products are top notch and so is their customer service.

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PartyPartners Affiliate Program

Party Partners has consolidated all of the PartyGaming products into one easy to manage console. They offer their affiliates up to $75 CPA and 25% MGR. I personally recommend affiliates to sign up for the MGR program, as players tend to be loyal to PartyGaming.

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Poker Affiliate Costs

There is little or no investment involved in joining an online poker affiliate program. Online gambling websites are giving out big bucks for affiliates who attract new online poker players. With nothing more than a website and some simple marketing, affiliates are making six figure incomes per year while they sleep as an online poker affiliate.

Being an online poker affiliate is quite simple. Just sign up under through the links at one of the poker affiliate programs. Your player links and poker bonus codes will be sent to you as well as provided on the user-friendly poker websites that you will be an affiliate of. When people use your links to sign up to play, the online poker company then shares the profits and you can begin to earn money while you sleep.