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PartyPartners Affiliate Program

Party Poker has recently consolidated itself into a single affiliate program with other of the PartyGaming products. These products include Party Poker, Party Casino, PartyBingo, PartyGammon, and many others. This affiliate program is now widely known as the PartyPartners affiliate program.

PartyGaming Affiliate Program

The PartyGaming affiliate program is one of the select poker affiliate programs to have consolidated its products into a single dedicated domain name, Affiliates that sign up as an affiliate at are not restricted to promoting only the Party Poker affiliate program, but can also earn revenue by promoting other programs such as Party Casino, Party Bingo, and Party Gammon. This is a huge benefit to affiliates because they can earn revenue from cross promotion.


Its fairly easy to navigate around the Party Partners affiliate program website, but I think it could use some work. Some affiliates say that it is relatively easy to access different program banners such as the Party Poker affiliate program and Party Casino affiliate program banners, but I disagree. I don’t use banners anyways, but when I tried to do it in the past it was never easy.

Unique Features About This Program gives their affiliates personal attention and create special deals for each one from time to time. When you are a new affiliate you can expect to receive a few emails involving bonuses known as “bonanzas” or other special offers. These offers are typically Party Poker bonanza offers, and from what I remember, they don’t deal with PartyCasino, PartyBingo, PartyGammon, or any of the other PartyGaming products.

Marketing Tools

PartyPartners provides their affiliates with a very large assortment of banners for each of their products. These include .gif and flash files and are part of a wide range of sizes. If you are able to bring a large number of players and revenue through your links at PartyPartners, then you may be able to convince the managers to have custom banners made for you.

Not only do they provide banners, but you can use some of PartyPartner’s other useful marketing tools as well, such as the Party Poker tournament feed. Other marketing tools include HTML mailers, a poker dictionary, and Party Poker tournament feed banners.


Party Partners offers several options for promoting their affiliate programs, including the Party Poker affiliate program. Affiliates can choose from an up front CPA or a revenue share model.

The CPA at Party Partners is typical of an online poker room. Their CPA model begins at $65 per player and goes up to $75 per player. As an affiliate you will receive $65 per player when you refer 1 to 10 players. When you refer 11 or more players, Party Partners will increase your revenue to $75 per player. Affiliates will only receive this revenue one time and will not receive any more revenue for each player afterwards.

The revenue share model at Party Partners is what I recommend to most affiliates, whether they need the money right away or not. Party Partners offers their affiliates a revenue share of 20% for all revenue earned up to $10,000 in a single month. If an affiliate can send enough players to earn a monthly revenue of over $10,000 then they will receive 25% of all revenue earned.

I recommend that affiliates choose revenue share with PartyPartners for a very many reasons. First, there is a very strong loyalty to the PartyGaming products such as Party Poker and Party Casino. Second, when you send a player to one product, and they decide to play at another, you will earn even more revenue. For example, if you send a player to PartyPoker through the PartyPoker affiliate link, and they drop $500 on blackjack in the PartyCasino, you will earn 20% of that which is $100! You would be surprised at how many people out there drop money like this on internet casinos and poker rooms.

Reward System

PartyPartners doesn’t have a special tier program or anything to reward their players. However, they do offer special incentives via email to their affiliates. I mentioned this earlier, but you will probably be receiving emails from your affiliate manager saying things like if you send a minimum of 10 new players in a month that they will award you with an extra $1000 on top of your regular revenue. I can’t stress how beneficial it is to be given these offers.

Subaffiliate Program

If you know somebody else that would like to join the Party Poker affiliate program or Party Casino affiliate program under, then you should refer them and earn an extra commission for doing so.

PartyPartners will give you an extra 20% of whatever your subaffiliate earns, and they don’t lose anything from signing up under you.

For example, lets say that you go to PartyPartners by using one of the links on this page. I have it set so you will be my subaffiliate. Now, lets pretend that you earn $500 this month. First, you get to keep that $500 for yourself, and PartyPartners gives me and extra 20% of what you earned, which would be $100 in this case. And all that I had to do was write this informational article letting you know about the PartyPoker affiliate program.

Pay Schedule

Once you have referred players and earned some revenue off of their online poker or online casino play, you have to get paid. Party Partners pays on a monthly basis, usually paying within 15 days after the end of the month that revenue was earned.

PartyPartners gives you many options to receive payment from your poker affiliate program earnings, but I recommend that you have them send it to your PartyPoker account. From there you can send it to your bank account, Neteller account, or whatever account that you want to send it to.

Affiliate Managers & Customer Service

The affiliate managers at Party Partners are very nice and will inform you of any promotions that are happening with the Party Poker affiliate program or PartyCasino. When I first started out, I had a very good PartyPoker affiliate manager who presented me with many deals and even gave me his instant messenger information. Now he has moved onto a different online poker company and I hear from my Party Poker affiliate manager about 2 or 3 times per month.

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