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Omaha poker is a game with rules similar to that of Texas Holdem. The main difference in the game is that you are dealt four hole cards rather than two and you MUST use two of your hole cards and three board cards. You may only use two of the hole cards given to you to make the best possible Omaha hand. As my friend Randy says “Always two hole cards and exactly two hole cards. You ALWAYS play two cards from your hand. Not one, and not three. Not zero and not four. Two only two and always two. Big adjustment from Texas Holdem huh?”

Yes, Omaha is a big adjustment from Holdem Randy. The rules for Omaha Poker only slightly differ from that of Texas Holdem except the rule of being able to play the board at the showdown. Remember that in Omaha you must you two and only two of your hole cards and three and only three board cards to make a hand. This Omaha Poker rule makes it impossible to play the board at the showdown.

Omaha Variations – High Low – Hi Lo

Omaha poker is not only played for high, it is also played as a hi lo split, 8-or-better game. In the game of hi low Omaha, the players may use the best combination of any two hole cards and three boardcards for high (hi), and may also use the lowest combination of any two hole cards and three boardcards for low (lo).

Rules for Omaha Hi Lo

The main difference between Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo is that Omaha Hi Lo involves a low hand to split the pot. To receive half of the pot at the showdown, a player must qualify by having an 8-or-better low hand that is lower than all of his opponents’ hands. If nobody qualifies for the low hand, then the pot is awarded to the high hand in full.

Where to Play Omaha Poker Online

It used to be that online poker rooms only spread Texas Holdem, but times have certainly changed. Now, almost every online poker site spreads Omaha Poker. We keep an updated list of online poker sites for US and Non-US players, but if you’re itching to play then check it out the following Omaha poker sites now.

Party Poker

Party Poker is one of the largest poker rooms in the world, so you know that there will be a sizable population in its high stakes games. Party Poker’s high stakes pot limit Omaha games are currently at stakes of $10/$20. Party Poker is one of the best poker sites in the world, and always has special promotions going on, so you can take advantage of these promotions while you’re playing high stakes pot limit Omaha. Party Poker is introducing Mac compatible software, so you’ll have even more potential opponents once the software is fully functional. You can’t go wrong playing at Party Poker, unfortunately, they do not accept US players, but all other players are welcome!

Poker Stars

Note: PokerStars does NOT accept US players. PokerStars is the site of world champions, so you know that there will be a lot of competition, which could make your poker playing experience much more enjoying. The high stakes for pot limit Omaha are $10/$20, the same as Party Poker, which is the main competitor of Poker Stars. Both sites are very similar in player population and playing skill, so it is just a matter of personal preference as to which site is better. I suggest taking a look at both of these sites using play money, and then putting real money into the site you like more. PokerStars has a lot of high quality games, and should provide an enjoyable high stakes experience.

High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha

High Stakes Pot Limit Omaha requires much more nerve and calculation than regular Omaha, especially when playing Pot Limit Omaha for high stakes. As Omaha is a drawing game, when it is played with the pot limit betting variation, players must calculate pot odds precisely to determine whether or not calling is a proper play.

In high stakes PLO games, every decision is critical, and the correct play must be made. The risks are much higher in pot limit Omaha than in fixed limit Omaha, but the rewards are also much higher. You can lose money faster, or you can win money faster. Playing online also makes losing and winning faster, thanks to the heightened pace of online play. That is why only highly skilled Omaha players should play high stakes Pot Limit Omaha online. If you are one of these players and wish to play high stakes pot limit Omaha, you should definitely try it out.

Remember that when you play for high stakes, you should never risk more than you can afford. We do not want anyone to ruin their lives by playing poker for more than they can afford. Always set betting limits and have a plan when you play for high stakes.