Barny Boatman


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Barny Boatman
Barny Boatman about to make a bet in the World Series of Poker

Barny Boatman, nicknamed “Barmy,” was Born in 1956, London. Barny Boatman is a member of the poker playing foursome known as the Hendon Mob. In his life, Barny has worked many different jobs, such as a movie reviewer and computer programmer. Boatman runs the Hendon Mob website, which is known for its extensive database of poker players and their poker tournament winnings.

Barny Boatman won the very first poker tournament he entered, which was a £2,000 Seven Card Stud poker tournament. Nonetheless, Barny Boatman’s poker tournament win did not come as a surprise, as Barny was a top ranking poker player in the 1999 European Seven Card poker tournament.

Barny Boatman Poker Tournament Wins

Barny Boatman was Europe’s top ranked Omaha poker player in 2000 and 2001. In 2002, Barny won the European Championship Seven Card Stud Event. Barny also had some very strong World Series of Poker appearances, being the highest finishing Briton in both the 2000 WSOP Main Event and the 2001 WSOP Main Event.  In 2000, Barny Boatman won the $3,000 No Limit Holdem WSOP Event and finished 16th in the 2000 Main Event.  At the 2002 WSOP, Barny appeared at three consecutive World Series of Poker final tables, which is quite rare. Barny Boatman finished 2nd in one of his three final table appearances, but couldn’t pull off the victory.

“Barmy” used to play for Full Tilt Poker as a sponsored pro, as did the other three members of the Hendon Mob.


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Barny Boatman
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