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Chip Jett Poker
Chip Jett playing poker at the World Series of Poker

Chip Jett was born on September 22, 1974 as Charles Jett, this poker player didn’t even get to leave the hospital before a nurse adorned him with the nickname of “Chip.”  This was a very fortuitous nickname for this highly successful poker player.

Chip Jett started his poker career as a dealer at a nearby Scottsdale, AZ casino and also played poker when he wasn’t working.  Chip quickly discovered he was making more money playing poker than he was dealing poker, and so he decided to play poker full time.

Chip Jett Poker Tournaments

Chip Jett’s first prominent successes came in 2001 at the LA Poker Classic, hosted by the Commerce Casino, where Chip made several final tables and won the LA Poker Classic poker tournament’s best all-around poker player award. Chip Jett went on a roll and began placing highly in many more poker tournaments.  In 2003, Chip Jett had 15 final table appearances, including two at the World Series of Poker and two at the World Poker Tour.

Chip Jett Marriage

Chip Jett is married to fellow professional poker player Karina Jett, and they have two children.  The couple is not afraid to mix it up at the poker table either, as they both met at the final table of the 2005 London Open played at Old Billingsgate Market.

Chip Jett authors poker articles for Card Player Magazine, and his wife Karina joins him in writing a column for the magazine that is done in a he said/she said format. To date, Chip Jett has earned nearly $2 million in poker tournament winnings. Chip has also created a deck of cards featuring professional poker players. Of course, Chip Jett’s picture is on the ace of spades.

Chip Jett play online at under the screenname “capnncoke” until it blocked poker for Americans in April, 2011. If you’re outside of the US, you can still play at PokerStars.

Photo ofCharles Jett
Charles Jett
(Chip Jett)
Job Title
Professional Poker Player

About Chip Jett

Full Name
Chip Jett
September 22, 1974
Las Vegas, Nevada, US