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Chris Grigorian Poker
Chris Grigorian, aka the Armenian Express, watching intently as he plays in a WSOP poker tournament.

Chris Grigorian, known to his peers as “The Armenian Express,” is an aggressive famous poker player. For some reason, very little is known about Chris Grigorian. There is no doubt that he is a highly skilled player, as he has been playing poker professionally since before December, 1996.

Chris Grigorian’s 2004 LA Poker Classic Miracle

At the 2004 LA Poker ClassicChris Grigorian was heads-up against Jaime Perez in the $500 Seven Card Stud event, with Perez having 160,000 chips to Grigorian’s measly 8,000, which wasn’t even enough to make a big bet with. However, Grigorian got lucky and doubled up two times in a row thanks to miracle community cards. Chris Grigorian then adopted a very aggressive style of play, forcing Perez out of many pots. At one point Perez folded a decent hand of J-7-7-5, which caused Grigorian to show his K-Q-10-4, which Grigorian termed “The biggest bluff in the world.” Chris Grigorian ended up winning the 2004 LA Poker Classic poker tournament.

Chris Grigorian plays cash games more often than he plays poker tournaments, and most of his poker tournament victories have occurred in smaller poker tournaments. This has helped Chris Grigorian to maintain a low profile. Grigorian also has a cousin who play poker well, Mayan “MG” Grigorian.

The Armenian Express and I

On a personal note, I played against Chris Grigorian in the 2008 WPT Bellagio Five Diamond Poker Classic and he was playing tight and aggressive. When I asked him for a photo he stated “but I am not famous.” Chris Grigorian came across as a very humble man. We ended up eating at a restaurant named Snacks near the Bellagio poker room and I learned that Chris is genuinely a good guy.

Chris Grigorian currently lives in Panorama City, California.

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Chris Grigorian
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Professional Poker Player

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Chris Grigorian
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