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Freddy Deeb PokerFreddy Deeb was born Kassem Deeb on November 27, 1955 in Beirut, Lebanon. His professional poker career got started thanks to the Lebanon Civil War in 1975.  Freddy Deeb  was studying mechanical engineering at Utah State University when the civil war broke out and he lost contact with his parents and his funding.  He had to drop out of Utah State 12 credits short of graduation.  Freddy Deeb  could not work in the United States because he only had a student visa.  With very few options, Freddy Deeb  headed for Reno, Nevada, where he played low-stakes poker games to build up his bankroll.

Freddy Deeb found his style of play in Reno, which consists of playing aggressively and reading his opponents.  After playing in Reno for a while, he started traveling around and began entering tournaments, including the World Series of Poker.  Freddy Deeb  first cashed in 1990 World Series of Poker, and was a consistent winner and made several final tables.  However, Freddy Deeb  wasn’t able to snag a WSOP bracelet until 1996, when he won the $5000 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw event. Freddy Deeb almost won the Deuce to Seven Triple Draw event again in 2001, but fell just short.

Freddy Deeb has done well at the World Poker Tour, making several final tables and winning the LA Poker Classic event in 2003 and the Aruba Poker Classic in 2005.  Freddy Deeb is known for his outrageous style, with Phil Ivey once saying he won because of his shirt.  Also, when speaking about how to have good tournament performances, Freddy Deeb says that he exercises, gets 8 hours of sleep, eats healthfully, and has lots of sex.

Freddy Deeb currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he has a wife and four children.  Freddy also enjoys swimming, skiing, soccer, and bicycling.  Freddy formally played online poker at UB Poker (prior to the 2011 indictments) under the screenname kid55.

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Freddy Deeb
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Professional Poker Player

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Freddy Deeb
November 27, 1955
Las Vegas, Nevada