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Online Poker Stats
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One of the most infrequently used features of any online poker room is the stats section for the ring game tables. This is unfortunate, because the stats section is one of the most important features of any site. Just by examining table stats before joining a table, you can prevent yourself from joining a table that is just going to suck your money away. You can find a table that fits your playing style, allowing you to take advantage of your surroundings.

So what are the table stats that I’m talking about? You’ve probably seen them, even if you’ve never paid a lot of attention to them. Stats such as hands/hour, average pot, and flop view percentage are some of the more useful stats that you’ll see. I’ll go into detail with the stats that I have listed and show how this knowledge can help improve your game.

What Are Hands Per Hour?

Hands per hour directly tells you how many hands that table plays in an hour. What it tells your indirectly is how quick play is, and how deep into the board that the hands typically go. A high hands per hour rating signifies that there are a lot of pots won preflop, with very few hands going all the way to a showdown. A low hands per hour rating will show that most hands will go deep into the board, to the turn or the river, and that the players are generally more reluctant to fold.

You should pay close attention to the number of players at the table, for it is possible to be misled by these stats. If there only a few players at the table, then naturally the hands per hour stat will be high. So you need to view these stats together to gain meaningful information. With a high hands per hour rating and a full or nearly full table, good players will try to steal the blinds from good position. It also means that players should be cautious about getting into a drawn out battle with the other players for the pot, as it is like they are holding good hands.

What Does the Average Pot Size Statistic Mean?

Average pot size is exactly what it says. A low average pot size means that the hands don’t last very long, or that very few players play in any one hand and are cautious while doing so. Generally, a table with a low average pot size will also have a high hands per hour rating. These types of tables are usually tight as well. Tables with high average pot sizes are just the opposite. They will have looser players who like to invest money in the pot.

The average pot size could be subject to aberrations though, especially if a table just had a number of big hands in a row, such as flushes and full houses. One shouldn’t be too concerned with this however, as this is the average pot size, and big wins will tend to make the other players cautious, leading to the average balancing out again. You should also keep in mind the number of players at the table to give yourself a sense of proportion. With a low number of players the average pot should be lower than you would expect at a full table. Keep this in mind.

What is the Flop View Percentage Statistic?

Flop view percentage is another very important stat. This stat shows what percentage of players see the flop on average. If this percentage is high, the table is loose, and if the percentage is low, the table is tight. This is probably the most useful stat of them all. If you like to steal blinds and other easy money, then you probably want a table with a low flop view percentage.

Final Words About Online Poker Stats

All of these stats can help you pick which table is right for you. By viewing the stats beforehand, you give yourself a distinct advantage. I once played at the low stakes tables at Party Poker and when seeing the table stats before entering, I was able to win $42. However, in my next session, playing at the same stakes and for the same time period, I hadn’t looked at the stats beforehand, and ended up losing $13, as the players at that table did not fit my stereotype of the preferable opponents. This is a good example of how looking at the stats beforehand can help your game.

Once you’ve picked your table and are playing, you will need to adjust your game for each player’s idiosyncrasies. Once you’ve done that and are playing your preferred style against your preferred type of opponent, you should do well.

Poker Statistic Software Recommendation

If you are looking for even more assistance before you pick a table, you might be interested in the software known as Poker Edge. This software shows how loose and how tight various players are, and will give players icons, such as shark, bomb, and fish, to signify that player’s playing style. This software has helped out a large number of poker players, and you could be the next.

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