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carbon-poker-calculator-casinoMany online poker players realize that their chances of winning increase greatly when they bring software into the equation. In fact, for the past several years, many top online players have been using poker software to track stats, analyze their game, and gain invaluable knowledge on opponents.

The only major problem with poker software is that many of these programs cost money. And even if money isn’t an issue, a lot of beginning players don’t want to worry about having to learn something totally new. Carbon Poker must be fully aware of both these issues since they’ve created a totally free and easy-to-use odds calculator that’ll help players improve their games immensely. That said, it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at the finer points of the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator.

You may notice that he Carbon Calculator is NOT Mac friendly, BUT, you will be happy to know that you can make use of it with any Mac Poker emulator. Playing poker with a Mac using emulators

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Basics of the Carbon Poker Calculator

While analyzing your opponents and watching their every move is definitely helpful, it’s pretty much impossible to keep track of all the little statistics that can make you a winner. For example, if you’re at a 10-handed cash table, you’re not going to know what percentage of the time each player is raising preflop.

This is where the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator comes into the fold because it provides in-game statistics on all of your opponents. Additionally, it gives you a variety of personal statistics such as pot odds and win odds that help you make real-time decisions on difficult hands. Here is a quick look at some of the most important stats that the Carbon Poker Calculator provides:

Expected Value (EV) – The long-term expected value for each set of hole cards you’re dealt; many new players will find EV helpful when deciding what hands to play preflop.

Hand Replayer – Allows you to visually replay hands from previous cash games/tournaments with the same statistics intact. This is very helpful for seeing what moves you made correctly and incorrectly during a session.

HUD (Heads-up Display) – Shows statistics on all opponents at the table like preflop raising percentage (PFR), money voluntarily put into the pot (VPIP), continuation betting percentages (Cbet/F), stealing percentages (Steal/F), and more. PFR and VPIP are really effective at profiling a certain opponent’s playing style (i.e. loose-aggressive, tight-aggressive, etc.)

Mucked Hands Display – Hands that are mucked by other players in a game will be written into hand history files for you to see later.

Player Stats – Compile and store player stats on your computer through log files provided by Carbon Poker. The odds calculator remembers the actions and recalls them for you.

Pot Odds/Win Odds – Pots odds show you the ratio of money in the pot compared to what it takes for you to call, while win odds show your chances of winning a hand based on the situation. The idea here is to use these statistics together to make profitable long-term calls.

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How does the Carbon Poker Calculator work?

Now that we’ve briefly explained some of the very important Carbon Poker Odds Calculator features, it’s worth looking at how this program works. You’ll be able to use the calculator on any No-Limit, Pot-Limit or Fixed-Limit Texas Hold’em game; Omaha games are coming soon. When you fire up Carbon’s software, you’ll also want to open up your odds calculator too. Once you open the calculator and sit down to a table, this program immediately starts offering up stats on both you and opponents.

What’s nice is that you can customize options for your calculator too while playing. For example, you can switch the view by going to “View” and selecting from the mini, vertical and horizontal options. You can also choose what HUD statistics are displayed by clicking on “HUD” and deciding what stats you want to be shown. There is a wide assortment of non-visible statistics too that can be accessed under the “Stats” heading.

If you’re totally unfamiliar with using poker software, we strongly suggest that you try the odds calculator in free Carbon Poker games to acclimate yourself to using it. Sure the program is pretty easy to understand, but it won’t hurt to try out the odds calculator first before you’re using it in real money play.

Getting Started with the Calculator

While the totally free Carbon Poker Calculator can help you with a number of tough decisions and increase your win rate over time, there’s just one catch – you can only use it with Carbon games. Of course, if you’ve always been interested in playing at this site anyways, there should be no problem.

The first step involves signing up at Carbon Poker with the “MACPOKER” bonus code; this entitles you to a massive 150% match deposit bonus up to $750. Once you’ve signed up, simply go to the “Promotions” page at Carbon and look for the calculator offer. You’ll be able to download the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator completely free and begin using it immediately!

Carbon Poker Casino

As for the Carbon poker casino, even though they did launch a beta version a few weeks ago and are still testing it for a fully functional online casino, it is hence not live yet, but you can obviously start playing their casino games provided within the side game options of your poker client, which are as good, entertaining, and profitable as any other out there.

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