Apple Adds Windows to Mac


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I was reading the front page of the USA Today Newspaper and I saw something that really caught my eye. The title of the article was “Apple opens itself to Windows.” The article basically explained that Apple unveiled software allowing Microsoft’s Windows operating system to run on Apple computers.

This is a major step forward for Apple in that more than 90% of computer users prefer to use Windows. Apple said that the compatibility is free, however consumers must purchase their version of Windows seperate from their Apple purchase, which will cost between $100 and $200 dollars.

If you ask me, this news is certainly good news. Having a native Windows operating system on my Mac would allow me to play Party Poker for Mac and PokerStars for Mac and would be a hell of a lot more stable than using VirtualPC.

The news also had a dramatic effect on Apple’s stock price. It jumped nearly 10% up at a closing price of $67.21. “This new software, named Boot Camp, will also make Apple computers more appealing to current Windows users, and may take market share away from the larger computer manufacturers such as Dell and HP.” says the MPO Vice President.

Microsoft made a statement that said “Windows is a great operating system and we are pleased that Apple customers are excited about running it.”

The new software will certainly allow many more Apple Mac users to play online poker and casino games, and doesn’t confine Apple users to playing at Apple download sites such as FullTilt Poker or Bugsys Club.

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